Artspace is a Swedish company specialized in activating space.

Since 1998 Artspace has given the corporate world the opportunity to assist contemporary artists in bringing their impressions of our reality to millions of people at Arlanda Airport in Stockholm, Sweden.

Arlanda, Europe's sixth largest international airport with approximately 20 million travellers annually presents an excellent venue for businesses, artists and the airport itself to cooperate through crowd-energizing displays. Artspace serves as the catalyst and to date has presented eight very unique exhibitions.

The value of these exhibitions has been banked by the tens of millions of travellers who have taken their experiences with them to their destinations. The Artspace exhibitions have also undeniably been a one of a kind opportunity of exposure for the artists, the airport and last but not least, for the corporate sponsors.

The marriage between all involved has proved to be successful and Artspace is prepared to serve as the catalyst for future relationships between jolt-inducing contemporary art, the corporate world and millions of people.

Artspace - art for millions makes sense.

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S-114 85 Stockholm

Phone:  08-662 96 82
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Mobile phone: 070-755 14 93



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