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To date, Artspace, in cooperation with Luftfartsverket, the Swedish Federal Aviation Association, has had the pleasure of exhibiting eight shows at the Arlanda Airport in Stockholm, Sweden.

Before the current
A Drop of Water Gives Life
exhibition approximately 60 million travellers passed through Europe's 6th busiest airport during previous Artspace exhibitions. 

56 million people converts to almost twice the entire populations of Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia put together!

Visit the past through the links below!

Clickto visit 
the first 
Arlanda Artspace 
exhibition in 1998.

The great state of
Love was celebrated
in 1999.
Click here 
to get Love.

Friendly Robots were
part of the crowd at
the Arlanda Airport
when we entered
the new millenium.
Click here
to meet them.




Artists from
Estonia, Latvia
and Lithuania
filled Arlanda
with their images.
Click here
for Baltic art.


The second 
Arlanda Artspace
exhibiton came 
later in 1998. 
Click to view.



In 1999 ALIEN landed
at Arlanda Airport. 
UFOs and four meter
tall beings in 
silver space suits.
Click for an Alien 






Arlanda Airport
came Alive! in the
summer of 2000.
Poets, palms
and pastures.

Click to get Alive!

Now Arlanda Artspace shows
A Drop of Water Gives Life
Click to see the current exhibition!

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