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Press release - Artspace March 03, 2002

Unicef Droppe        Hans Strand

Unicef Airport

Artspace and Arlanda Airport in unique cooperation with Unicef for the children of the world.

"A drop of water gives life!"
March 22, World Water Day, Artpace's new exhibition "A drop of water gives life" will open at Arlanda Airport in Stockholm. Twelve gigantic water pictures by internationally renowned photographer Hans Strand will adorn the Swedish airport over three months. Fantastic pictures that are meant to provoke thoughts about the significance of life.

Power mobilisation for the sake of the children
The purpose of the exhibition is to support Swedish Unicef’s campaign “En droppe vatten” (A drop of water) which offers children all over the world access to clean water and proper sanitary conditions. The exhibition is a cooperation between Artspace, Arlanda Airport and Swedish Unicef and is made possible through the support of Södertälje - Unicef municipality 2002, Hifab and Yahoo!

- This is a unique pilot project, says Thomas Adlercreutz , CEO Artspace. We have gathered trademarks around an important purpose based on the environment and children, a kind of platform from which to realise experience, social responsibility and the reinforcing of trademarks in an attractive combination.

If one would like to help further, beyond giving the exhibition attention, the Swedish Unicef’s pin “En droppe vatten” (A drop of water) is available for SEK 20:- at a number of Arlanda Airport’s many merchants.

An experience that gives life!
- We want to turn away from only focusing on bad conscience and instead create a positive and proactive feeling and experience, something like - It’s cool to care, says Peter Liljegren at Artspace.

- Our goal is to see as many as possible of Arlanda’s some 20 million annual visitors to do the same thing - see the exhibition and buy the Drop of Water. If we can realize that we’d beat some kind of record - a very important record, says Thomas Adlercreutz.

With power and creativity
A “Drop of water gives life” is part of Artspace’s “For Life Projects” and is one of three exhibitions that will be found at Arlanda and it is the result of a cooperation between Arlanda Airport, Unicef and Artspace. It is a unique opportunity to display an important message through info-tainment and a message that will reach millions of people.

In the following two shows “Steps for Life” and “LookAlike”, both parts of the For Life Projects, the tempo of experience will be increased considerably. Especially because Arlanda’s more than 20 million visitors will have an even more prominent role in the experiences themselves, promises Thomas Adlercreutz.

The exhibition “En droppe vatten ger liv” (A drop of water gives life) will be accessible on the web at:

Press showing
You are welcome to a press showing at Arlanda on March 22, 11am.

More info, press material and pictures at:



You are also welcome to contact Thomas Adlercreutz, Artspace direct at:

070-755 14 93

Ph + 46 8 662 96 82

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Hans Strand

Hans Strand, was born in 1955 and started his proffessional career as a civil engineer after graduating from the Royal Institute of Technology, KTH. After nine years he changed careers and became a photographer, a choice that he’s never regretted. He has a love for wild and unmanipulated nature. “It is always true and never banal”, he says. Strand has, aside from a strong tie to Scandinavian nature, the world as his working field and has photographed Arctic ice expanses, deserts and tropical forests. His pictures have been published in numerous international photo magazines and he has lectured about his photography both in Sweden and abroad.
In 1999 Strand was appointed "Nature Photographer of the Year" by the Swedish Naturvårdsverket. He has won categories in the nature photography competion - BG-Wildlife Photographer of the Year twice and won the landscape photography class in the 2001 European Nature Photographer of the Year.
Shortly Hans' third book titled "The Eighth Day" will be published, with text by Bo Landin. During more than ten years as a proffessional Strand has had several exclusive shows and participated in numerous exhibitions, both in Sweden and abroad.

Södertälje - Unicef municipality 2002

Södertälje municipality is the first in a unique cooperation between Unicef and the municipalities of Sweden.
We have been appointed as Sweden's first Unicef municipality because we have, among other things, worked purposefully for the children's best for many years. This was most recently acknowledged by the Stadsmiljörådet's prize to Tom Titts Experiment and to Södertälje municipality as the best city for children. The goal is that the cooperation during 2002 will contribute to further expose children's conditions and possibilities.
Together with Swedish Unicef, Swedish Kommunförbundet and Barnombudsmannen, Södertälje is organizing a conference concerning children's issues and child conventions during May 23 through May 24 at Tom Titts. The hope is that the conference will inspire an intensified effort around children's conventions in schools and other places.

The Hifab Group

Hifab was founded in 1947 around the concept of the independent contractor, completely unattached to projectors, suppliers and sub-contractors.
The business idea has developed Hifab into Sweden's largest and the leading independent project management consultant company, active in construction, development and real estate projects, entrusted by private and public clients.
Internationally we are active in many countries within a vast number of projects. Our main objectives are commissions within infrastructure, rural and business development, health care, as well as natural resources and the environment.
Hifab is involved in a number of development projects concerning the issue of water supply, for example in Tanzania where Hifab is responsible for the project Health Through Sanitation and Water, a.k.a. The Hesawa Project. The objective is to increase the standard of living through improved hygiene, health information and the supply of clean water.


Yahoo! is a leading global Internet communication, trade and media company offering wide encompassing service to more than 200 million users every month.
As the first on-line navigation guide to the Internet is foremost in traffic, advertising and coverage for both private and commercial users.
Today Yahoo! is the leading Internet trademark and reaches the largest international audience. But what may be the most interesting about Yahoo! is the development which we began and is now ongoing to a full extent.
Since an increasing number of participants use the Internet as a tool, we develop, in order to retain our advantage, a number of new on-line services as well as opportunities to advertise and do business over the Internet.
Yahoo! has already signed a multi-year agreement with FIFA World CupTM and will be the exclusive supplier of (the official World Cup site) for the World Cup of 2002 and 2006.

Swedish Unicef

Unicef, the UN children’s fund, is the world’s largest organisation for children’s rights and is active in 160 countries. To ensure children’s fundamental rights in the form of clean water, good health, education and protection, is an important task for Unicef.
Swedish Unicef raises money through different collection campaigns as well as through sales of cards and other products. We inform about and lobby for children’s rights.
Today, one billion people around the world are without access to clean water and two million children die every year due to lack of clean water and proper sanitation. This is the reason Swedish Unicef started the campaign “En droppe vatten” (A drop of water) in 1995 and has since raised SEK 25 million. It has given clean water and proper sanitation to thousands of families and tens of thousands of children. When you buy the drop of water pin you participate in raising money to give more childern access to clean water. Please visit our website donate in aid of our labour and learn more about Unicef and the situation of the children of the world.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Hans Strand for his commitment to the exhibition at Arlanda and for his donation of the water pictures that are exhibited at Tekniska Muséet in Stockholm. Proceeds from the sale of the pictures support the work of Swedish Unicef.

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