Yahoo! is the most well-known and best-liked Internet brand, which is the basis of a deep, comfortable relationship with the largest base Internet users worldwide.
Yahoo! provides more of what you want out of life and therefore is Yahoo! The proud sponsor of ‘A Drop of Water’.

Today Yahoo! is the leading Internet trademark and reaches the largest international audience. But what may be the most interesting about Yahoo! is the development which we began and is now ongoing to a full extent.
Since an increasing number of participants use the Internet as a tool, we develop, in order to retain our advantage, a number of new on-line services as well as opportunities to advertise and do business over the Internet.
Yahoo! has already signed a multi-year agreement with FIFA World CupTM and will be the exclusive supplier of FIFAworldcup.com (the official World Cup site) for the World Cup of 2002 and 2006, among other events.
At FIFAworldcup.com you will have access to a complete package of football experiences, fanclub, TV-broadcasts from the games, video sequences, subscription services, mobile updates, statistics and the opportunity to shop for World CupTM paraphernalia on-line.
You can of course also subscribe to news, chat and get the official FIFA e-mails.

Don't miss the exciting opening and don't forget to visit www.FIFAworldcup.com during the football World CupTM, May 31 to June 30.




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