Swedish Unicef
It's a human right to be a child.

Swedish Unicef, which is one of Unicef's 37 national committees, is a charitable organisation with 38 member organisations. Swedish Unicef's responsibility is to raise funds for Unicef's international activities through collection campaigns and sales of Unicef cards and gifts, as well as to inform about children's situations and lobby in child-related issues both globally and in Sweden.

Every year two million children die from diseases directly related to unclean water and inferior sanitary conditions. Children especially are severely affected by lack of water and poor hygiene.

Today one billion people the world over lack access to clean water and their knowledge about proper sanitation is deficient.

Lack of water also creates other problems aside from the sanitary ones. In poor countries it's far to the water sources. Girls and women who are responsible for the family's water, spend much of their time carrying water. There is therefore no time left for education.

The purpose of Swedish Unicef's campaign "En droppe vatten" (A drop of water) is to be able to give underprivileged countries wells, tanks for rainwater and education about how to clean water and how to improve sanitary conditions. Even simpler things such as tablets that aid in cleaning water, help and save.

For every SEK 100:- 75% goes directly to the intended purpose, 18% is collection costs and salaries, 3% to information and lobbying, while the remaining 4% covers administrative costs.




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