Södertälje municipality is the first in a unique cooperation between Unicef and the municipalities of Sweden.

"We have been appointed as Sweden's first Unicef municipality because we have, among other things, worked purposefully for the children's best for many years.
This was acknowledged by the Stadsmiljörådet's prize to Tom Titts Experiment and to Södertälje municipality as the best city for children. The goal is that the cooperation during 2002 will contribute to further expose children's conditions and possibilities.

Together with Swedish Unicef, Swedish Kommunförbundet and Barnombudsmannen, Södertälje is organizing a conference concerning children's issues and child conventions during May 23 through May 24 at Tom Titts. The hope is that the conference will inspire an intensified effort around children's conventions in schools and other places.

We are proud of our municipality. We have exciting jobs to offer (our largest employers are, among others, AstraZeneca, Scania, Saab, Volkswagen, Securitas and ABB), good housing, interesting schools, a vibrant city core, wonderful nature, good communications and a magnificent selection of culture and recreation.

More is on the way. New projects and construction are being initiated at a steady pace; AstraZeneca's multi-million kronor project, Factory Outlet, ferry service to Germany and lots of new exciting homes on the waterfront."




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