Hans Strand
Hans Strand has a love for wild and unmanipulated nature. Says Strand, "It is always true and never banal".

In 1999 Strand was appointed "Nature Photographer of the Year" by the Swedish Naturvårdsverket.

He has won categories in the nature photography competion - BG-Wildlife Photographer of the Year twice and he won the landscape photography class in the 2001 European Nature Photographer of the Year.

Shortly Hans' third book titled "The Eighth Day" will be published.

Hans Strand also exhibits at the Tekniska Museet in Stockholm from March 22 (World Water Day) throughout August.
You can purchase Hans Strand's pictures and books on www.hansstrand.com

We would like to thank Hans Strand for his generous contribution which has made the project "A Drop of Water Gives Life" possible.





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